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בוקסה לבס "10*2 ORANGE OBC-210 MINI 300W

מחיר רגיל: ₪4108
מק"ט: 004-OBC-210 MINI
יצרן: ORANGE

OBC210 Mini is our smallest ever ‘conventional’, non-isobaric OBC cabinet, cleverly designed to give maximum punch from the smallest available space. Constructed from birch plywood, the cab’s highs have a natural presence, whilst the rear baffle is ported for increased low end response. The choice of material creates a well balanced and highly resonant enclosure, which also features our signature skid runners on the base to acoustically couple the cabinet to the stage.


רח' פריימן 20, ראשון לציון

טלפון 03-9561740  פקס 03-9675190

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